Hello. Welcome to Deviant Cookies. Are you Ready for a Treat?

I’m Chloe, the founder of Deviant Cookies, I’ve been a self-professed cookie addict since my youngest years and have now been able to turn my passion into a small business.

Over the years, me and my boyfriend tried cookies from all over the globe, shipping them in from France, Belgium – you name it! Yet it was the thick, American-style cookies that I couldn’t stop dreaming about. After some self-reflection and changes in direction Deviant Cookies was born! 

I want to serve you thick, soft, melt-in-the-mouth cookies packed full of high-quality ingredients. Each one of our cookies weighs in at 170g (that’s one big cookie!) and our flavours range from timeless classics to outlandish flavours I hope you will never forget!

All of our cookies are homemade daily, produced in small batches and are crafted with the finest ingredients. Each box is shipped within 24 hours to your door – ensuring they stay fresh from the oven to your post box!